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Oak decking

Oak decking

For outdoor use, oak is king. This reliable material enhances any landscaping while guaranteeing excellent quality and durability. The Ducerf Group’s oak decks are especially popular for building footpaths, pontoons, decking or public walkways. For increased flexibility, these are available in the rough, planed or planed/grooved.

The product 

  • PREMIUM Oak decking
  • Limited sound knots to half the width of the board
  • No knots on edges
  • Except sapwood
  • Core heart traces tolerance (on the back side)
  • Stamp custom-sized 1 to 2 cm
  • Wood dried to 25/30%


  • Natural sustainability of oak
  • PEFCTM certified
  • Ready to use, process
  • Can be finished
Oak decking - rough
Oak decking - rough
Oak decking planed and grooved
Oak decking planed and grooved
Oak decking

Technical characteristics 

Rough, planed or planed/grooved
Length: 2,500 to 3,000 mm
Width: 150 mm raw
Thickness: 50 mm raw wood
Possibility of dimensional flaws in freshly sawn

available species


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