Let's talk about French Hardwood !
July 2019
«With YD-WOODS©,nature is part of everyone’s daily life»

Ducerf has teamed up with designer-cabinetmaker Sylvain Hardy to produce and market this atypical, graphic and innovative product. Meeting in the workshop of his company Ydrah in Avignon.

With THT wood, the school at Saint-Germain-en-Laye is both attractive and environmentally friendly!
After 2 years of work, 350 young pupils benefited this year from a new school whose exterior cladding was signed Ducerf wood. Focus on an exemplary achievement.
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Yves Ducerf is retiring: how does he see the future?
After 46 years overseeing investments and the secondary processing business, Yves Ducerf is leaving behind a valuable legacy and is looking to the future with confidence.
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The Compagnons du Devoir choose Ducerf to discover the world of the sawmill
Ducerf Group welcomed 1st year students in carpentry from Besançon. On the agenda, a visit to the various sites and confirm their vocation for the wood trades.
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FMC Shanghai
From 9 to 12 September

Vietnam Wood
From 18 to 21 September

Architect at Work Paris
From 26 to 27 September


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