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The Ducerf Group

The Ducerf Group

The Ducerf Group

In 1885, Jean Ducerf installed his first sawmill in Burgundy in the heart of the best forests in Europe. The place was ideal for developing his activities and having permanent access to oak and other hardwoods.

From generation to generation, the family group expanded. He grew the business, invested in new sites in France, put innovative processes in place, exported to many countries and evolved at the same time as the market. Therein was his strength: adapt and innovate while respecting the material and those who worked with him.

At Ducerf, wood is holistically, together with all its applications. The group integrated the processes of 1st transformation and 2nd transformation of hardwoods, always with oak as the main species.

Concerned for the environment, the family enterprise has adopted an eco-responsible approach in their daily activities. Waste is recycled, the wood commes from sustainably managed forests, the teams travel to site by bicycle.

Since January 2020, the 5th generation of Ducerf, represented by Edouard Ducerf, is in charge of the group with new development projects in mind.

A family history that makes the Ducerf Group one of the leaders in the timber industry.

A group whose motivations were never in doubt: Quality, Innovation, Passion.

Key figures

6 production sites
160 employees
More than 45 countries supplied
Annual revenues of EUR 30 million of which 50% came from exports

Ducerf key dates

1885: Creation Ducerf sawmill
1962: Creation of Les Bois Profilés for the 2nd transformation. 1st company in France to provide finger jointed scantlings oak for joinery manufacturing
1984: Creation of the PATCHWOOD® brand (glued-laminated panels)
1992: Creation of the Delarbre line for the GSB
1993: Creation of the PANOPLOT® brand (solid wood panels)
1995: Resumption of the Biche site (Nièvre)
2000: CTB-Lca collage production of oak scantlings
2001: ISO 9001 version 2000 certification Les Bois Profilés company
2002: Ducerf is the first PEFCTM eco-certified sawmill in France for its control chain
2005: Resumption of the Lucot sawmill (Haute-Sâone)

2006: PEFCTM et FSC® certification of the control chain of Les Bois Profilés company
2008: Participation in the creation of Bois Durables de Bourgogne: Wood High Temperature Treatment unit

2009: Creation of the COTEPARC® outdoor line
2012: Creation of Bourgogne Bois Industrie (Côte-d'Or): resumption of a 2nd transformation production unit
2014: Start of the Thermal Insulation by Outdoor with I-Tech-Bois
2015 : Ducerf Group celebrates its 130th anniversary with a big event on site
2019 : Creation of the YD-WOODS© brand, an addition to the panels range
2020 : Bois De France certification for Ducerf Sawmill, Les Bois Profilés and Bourgogne Bois Industrie

Skills of our teams

The Ducerf Group aims for excellence in every domain. It specialises in all steps of wood transformation, from sawing to exports, from production to marketing. These teams work in synergy for constant quality and maximum service. 

Export - The Ducerf Group demonstrates perfect mastery of export management. Every day, its products are shipped to Europe, Asia, North Africa and United States etc. An international market requiring expertise, responsiveness and rigour when managing large volumes, with flawless understanding of international regulations.

Innovation - The Research & Development division is continually innovating to anticipate client needs. They also work in partnership with industries to develop customised solutions in response to their needs.

Training – Ducerf shares its experience through training sessions conducted by its sales teams for client-distributors. The chance to share their values and product knowledge, and to make sales assistance marketing tools available.

Ducerf Groupe Ducerf Groupe bois THT


The Ducerf Group makes no compromise in the quality of wood that is uses. It is selected with care by experienced buyers, attentive to their technical qualities as well as aesthetics.

The raw material dedicated to the 1st transformation, mainly oak logs, coming frm the best forests in France, in Burgundy and its neighbouring regions. The wood is purchased mainly on foot at the National Forest Office, at cooperative foresters as well as experts or private individuals. Wood for the 2nd transformation comes mainly from French sawmills, but also directly from the sawmills of the group.

Concerned for the environment, the Ducerf Group pays particular attention to sustainable development. For this reason, they insist that the wood used comes from sustainably managed forests and rely on the marketing of certified wood.
Ducerf was the first sawmill in France to become PEFCTM certified for its control chain.

Ducerf Groupe bois chêne


The Ducerf Group remains very attentive to eco-certifications demonstratings its commitment to the environment.
But also through other certifications linked to the activity itself, quality assurance for ducerf: from the specific collage responding to strict standards for the different uses of the transformed products to the control of the organisation of production sites.

Our certifications

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