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Our Wood panels for interior design

Ducerf has developed a complete range of ready-to-use solid wood panels for interior design. They covers all interior layout needs and can be used for a wide range of interior design projects: worktops, decoration, stairs, furniture, table tops, etc.

The panels are available in several dimensions and in different species.


Panoplot® is a solid wood panel appreciated for its full length strips and its aestheticism, made of solid full stave lamellas glued together on the side and in the width. Ideal for the manufacturing of your staircase steps in oak cabinetry or beech but also table tops, furniture, layout, decoration…

3-ply-panel / 3 Plis®

It consists of continuous lamellas for the exterior sides and counter-crossed lamellas finger jointed for the external ply, the 3-ply panel is resistant and renowned for its great stability. It is ideal for making custom furniture and fittings. It is a type of wood panel for interiors with proven technical strength and guaranteed aesthetic effect.


The Patchwood® panel consists of finger- jointed lamellas in the length and laminated along the width. The aesthetic rendering of this panel allows you to create a very trendy decor with a  contemporary look.

A beech, oak or other species glued laminated panel, which when finger-jointed, allows the design of long works such as a beautiful table or a bookcase.

Quality interior wood panels 

Ducerf panels, thanks to their technical and aesthetic qualities, offer high quality services. These wood panels for interior fittings are available in various species and can receive many finishes to suit everyone's creativity.

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