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Wood Cladding

Ducerf offers a wide range of cladding profiles, in different species and finishes, to meet all your interior and exterior design needs. Through its range of wood cladding, Ducerf exposes all its know-how with resistant, durable, ecological and aesthetic products in natural or thermo treated hardwoods.

Wood cladding: timeless and aesthetic

Wooden cladding is both a practical and decorative facade covering. Cladding is a very advantageous building material. This type of finish integrates perfectly with different architectural designs thanks to a wide choice of profiles, dimensions and species. The material can be adapted to the interior and exterior of a building and offers both a rustic and modern look.

Wooden cladding is popular for many reasons: Its natural appearance is highly sought after, as well as its strength and durability. It is also interesting for its ease of installation. Indeed, the installation of a wooden cladding does not impose any particular constraints. All that is required is to fix it to the facade of the building using a metal or wooden frame.

For a more ecological construction

Wood is a very environmentally friendly material to clad the facades of a building, it is one of the most advantageous solutions in view of the minimal impact of wood on the environment. By combining it with an external insulation (ITE), you can benefit from a quality thermal insulation.

The Coté Parc® cladding range

At Ducerf, some local hardwood species have mostly inspired the Côtéparc® siding range. It combines many technical, aesthetic and environmental advantages.

Thanks to their intrinsic qualities, colour, texture and high temperature heat treatment (THT), hardwoods are a source of inspiration for enhancing or creating traditional or contemporary customised projects.

Discover our natural and high temperature treated hardwood cladding ranges as well as our latest innovation, a black THT poplar cladding!

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