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CTB LCA Certification

CTB LCA Certification

CTB Glued Laminated Finger-jointed

The CTB Glued Laminated Finger-jointed label aims to provide joinery manufacturers (windows, French windows, interior doors, etc.) with scantlings and door frames whose bonding is technically sound.

As such, this certification attests to the compatibility of the adhesive with the intended use, the quality of the machining and the assembly by bonding of glued laminated finger-jointed scantlings intended for use in exterior joinery fittings.

Our glued laminated scantlings in beech, US and European oak and in larch, produced at our processing plant – Les Bois Profilés – as well as the oak, beech and chestnut scantlings, produced at our Bourgogne Bois Industrie plant, are certified CTB LCA.

To find out more about the CTB LCA label.

Les Bois Profilés
Bourgogne Bois Industrie

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