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PEFC Certification

PEFC Certification

PEFC: Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

The Ducerf Group adopts an environmentally responsible approach to its everyday activity and is committed to sustainable forest management alongside PEFC. In fact, Ducerf was the first PEFC-certified sawmill in France. All the Group’s production sites bear this certification.

Affixed to all timber or wood-based products, the PEFC label certifies that:

  • the forestry proprietor, who manages the forest and produces the wood, and the forestry operator, who harvests and transports this wood, have applied sustainable forestry management practices;
  • all the companies that then process and market this wood have applied the PEFC traceability rules, ensuring the good practices of their suppliers.

As such, the PEFC label guarantees that the purchased product comes from sustainable sources and that through its purchase, you too are contributing to the sustainable management of forests.

Sustainably managing a forest means taking environmental, societal and economical aspects into account. PEFC fulfils this mission every day as the Guardian of a balanced forestry ecosystem.

To find out more about the PEFC label.

Discover the video of the Ducerf Group’s commitment over the last 20 years:


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