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Acacia timber

Acacia timber

Acacia timber

The Acacia (Robinia) takes its name from Jean Robin, Henri IV’s botanist-gardener. It was he who imported this forest species from North America, most specifically from the Appalachian Mountains. The Robinia, commonly called “pseudo acacia”, is a tree with rapid growth producing a naturally durable dense wood. Its sapwood is very clear, its yellow heart darkens with time and its grain is large. Dense, hard and with a lustrous appearance, it provides an alternative to exotic woods.

Physical and durability properties of natural wood (besides sapwood)

  • Density: between 720 and 800 kg/m3 (heavy wood)
  • Young modulus: 13,600 MPa
  • Monnin hardness: Hard wood (5 < d < 9.5 N/mm)
  • Stability: Low
  • Fungal durability and use class: Class 3a lifespan > 100 years/class 3b lifespan between 50 and 100 years/class 4 lifespan between 10 and 50 years /This species is also resistant to termites

Uses of the acacia (robinia) species

  • Exterior layout like acacia decking boards 
  • Exterior furnishings, plating, siding, pickets, decks etc.

Special features of acacia (robinia) wood

Slow drying, tendency to warp
Sawing somewhat difficult, resistant wood
Easy to split and shape
Lengths and sections obtained often limited
Easy gluing
Good finish

Origin France

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