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Landscaping in Cluny

Cluny (71), France

Oak landscaping sleepers used to structure a garden!

Structuring a garden is quite simple if you are handy and creative. You just need to clearly define the garden's initial outline with its main features and imagine it once the plants are thriving in summer.
Here, the oak sleepers and borders have a dual purpose.
Firstly, they outline and structure the various spaces and create an intermediate passageway between the terrace and the top end of the garden. They have also been used to create steps and improve the uneven terrain.
The natural blend of woodchips, white pebbles, oak and plants will harmonise perfectly over time to make a private and balanced garden.


Project commissioned by: private, a detached home in Cluny (71), France

Oak landscaping sleepers
Borders: 100 x 100 mm
Steps: 120 mm (thick), 200 mm (wide)

Photo credits: Ducerf Group


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