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MistralPanels showroom

MistralPanels showroom

MistralPanels, specialist in sustainable building solutions

MistralPanels, a major player in the field of dry finishes, is emerging as a natural extension of the PopUp-House epic. Having seen the birth of more than 700 structures, ranging from detached houses to collective complexes and offices, clad in their distinctive finishes, MistralPanels is stepping in at the end of this remarkable success story. Thanks to the expertise acquired over the course of this adventure, the company relies on a solid network of partners who have adopted the unique aesthetic proposed by PopUp.

True to its vocation as a preferred supplier in the construction and renovation sector, MistralPanels team offers a quality alternative to traditional plaster or render finishes. With its exceptional experience and fruitful collaboration with various players in the sector, it is a serious choice for those looking for sustainable and innovative aesthetic solutions.

A showroom with cladding and decking in heat-treated ash wood

At the heart of this proposal is the MistralPanel showroom, a dazzling showcase featuring THT ash cladding and decking. This choice of wood finish is not limited to visual appeal, but also offers functional and ecological benefits. In this way, the company is striving to redefine aesthetic and practical standards in the field of dry finishes, inspiring a new generation of construction and renovation projects.

Wood, the material of choice for exterior cladding

Using wood to clad the exterior of buildings offers a multitude of advantages, combining aesthetics, durability and environmental sustainability. First and foremost, wood lends a natural warmth and timeless beauty to architecture, creating a welcoming and harmonious atmosphere. Its diversity of shapes and the possibiliy of implemantation allows designers to create unique designs that meet a wide range of aesthetic needs.

What's more, wood is renowned for its durability and weather resistance when properly treated. Modern treatments, such as thermally modified wood (THT), improve dimensional stability and resistance to insects and fungi. Choosing wood for exterior cladding is also an environmentally-friendly option, as wood is renewable, biodegradable and requires less energy to produce than other materials. So the use of wood in exterior architecture represents a successful fusion of aesthetics, sustainability and environmental responsibility.

MistralPanels showroom
MistralPanels showroom
MistralPanels showroom

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