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Oak footbridge at Château des Essarts

Oak footbridge at Château des Essarts
France (85)

The “Château des Essarts”

A leisure park located in the Vendée (85), this place offers to discover the History of France and the Vendée through fun activities accessible to all. Families, groups and leisure centres are invited to discover the secrets of this beautiful site which has survived the ages.

A bit of history

Situated 30 minutes from the Puy du Fou, the Vieux-Château des Essarts has stood the test of time, since the Gallo-Roman era. Part of the original building was destroyed during the Vendée wars, but the ruins and buildings still standing bear witness to a past full of adventure and history. The site was opened to the public in 2002 in order to conserve the site. The organisation of the site is managed by the association of the Friends of the Vieux-Château, with Mr Jacques de Rougé, viscount and owner of the site at the time. Guided tours and occasional events bring the Château des Essarts back to life. They allow us to retrace its 2000 years of existence and to make the link with the great History of France. Today, the descendants of the Lespinay and Rougé families are working to preserve and restore this unique place.

Oak, the leading species for outdoor use

In order to preserve this place, it was necessary to choose natural materials, in keeping with their environment. Installing a wooden footbridge, using oak, is also a sustainable and ecological choice.

Here the oak footbridge, which is used by all visitors to access the castle, blends in perfectly with the decor while adding a touch of nature and authenticity.

In order to limit the slipperiness of the walkway in wet weather, grooved boards were installed at regular intervals.

A real alternative to the use of exotic wood

This species, which is abundant in France, is perfectly suited to the specific requirements of this type of structure, particularly in terms of traffic.

Our range of oak decking

For outdoor use, oak remains a safe bet that enhances all types of landscaping while ensuring a remarkable and durable quality. The oak decking produced by the Ducerf Group is particularly popular for the manufacture of footbridges, pontoons, terraces or public walkways. To meet all needs, they are available in the rough, planed or planed/grooved.


Château des Essarts

Project Charrier Bois

Product : Ducerf oak decking, planed and grooved boards

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Oak footbridge at Château des Essarts
Oak footbridge at Château des Essarts
Oak footbridge at Château des Essarts
Oak footbridge at Château des Essarts

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