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Outdoor layout / Mercurol-Veaunes

Outdoor layout
Mercurol-Veaunes, France (26)

Creating an outdoor living space with oak transoms.

Living in a beautiful commune in a ‘classified site’ in the heart of the Drôme has its advantages, but also presents certain challenges concerning the outdoor arrangement of your house.

Indeed, how to go about optimising a hillside plot and creating flat and living spaces while respecting the surrounding environment?
This home-owner found the solution by using Ducerf oak transoms, tool of all-terrain landscaping creation.

They used the transoms as borders to demarcate and punctuate the mineral and vegetal surfaces, in such a way as to highlight the lay of the land, and evoking at the same time the old beams above the doors.
As for combining oak transoms, a material 100% natural and authentic, with stone, paving or concrete steps, this fashions the shapes and reinforces the perspectives around the house.

The finished harmony gives the place a picturesque and poetic quality, just like in historical books about our French villages.


Project commissioned by: private, a detached house - Mercurol-Veaunes, France (26)

Landscaping oak sleepers
Cut to measure: 10 cm x 10 cm



Photo credits: Ducerf Group

Outdoor layout
Outdoor layout
Outdoor layout
Outdoor layout
Outdoor layout

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