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Walnut wood

Walnut wood


The walnut is a species of great value, highly prised for quality constructions such as high-end furniture or caskets. Its sapwood varies from yellow to fawn grey, its duramen is grey or brown. The walnut has a medium grain and is slightly veined.

Physical and durability properties of natural wood (besides sapwood)

  • Density: between 630 and 680 kg/m3 (medium-heavy wood)
  • Young modulus: 11,200 MPa
  • Monnin hardness: Medium-hard wood (2.6 < d < 6 N/mm)
  • Stability: Good
  • Fungal durability and use class: Class 2 lifespan between 50 and 100 years/class 3a lifespan < 10 years/class 3b lifespan < 10 years/class 4 lifespan < 10 years

Uses of the walnut species

  • Interior layout
  • Cabinetmaking, high-end carpentry and turned parts
  • Stairs, woodwork, parquets
  • Solid and veneer

Special features of walnut wood

Dries fairly rapidly
Tendency to fissure
Lots of sawing losses
Pay attention to the direction of the fibres to avoid fragments
Easy to implement and cut
Good resistance to screwing and gluing
Allows to bend well after steaming
Irregularly veined wood with trunk malformations common

Origin France


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