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THT wood cladding  COTEPARC

THT wood cladding COTEPARC

From hardwoods, whose mechanical and aesthetic advantages are already proven, Ducerf designs cladding in oak, ash and poplar treated by high temperature. This ecological process strengthens durability and stability of the species, creating a new material. The THT wood cladding opens new horizons in terms of creation and value of local species previously not used outside.


  • Cladding treated by high temperature
  • 7 profiles: Flat, beveled, rounded, rectangle, clerestory or parallelogram type
  • Full length or finger jointed boards
  • Different thicknesses and widths according to standard or singular profiles
  • Possibility of custom profiles (upon studying project)

Associated products:

Corner profil
Finishies and accessories


  • Increased durability
  • Resistance to insects and fungal agents
  • Greater dimensional stability
  • Local wood species
  • 100% natural material and treatment
  • Evolution to a uniform grey shade
  • Can be finished
THT wood cladding  COTEPARC
BARD 105 profil rectangle peuplier THT
BARD 105 profil rectangle peuplier THT
Beveled line profiled - THT Ash
Beveled line profiled - THT Ash
Flat profil BARD 100 in THT Ash
Flat profil BARD 100 in THT Ash

Technical characteristics 

As a function of profiles:

Thicknesses: 21 mm (solid), 20 mm (finger-jointed), 28mm, 40 or 60 mm
Total widths: 40 - 60 - 65 - 100 - 120 or 140 mm
Lengths in full length boards: from 800 to 3,000 mm, from 200 by 200 mm
Lengths in finger jointed boards: from 3,000 to 5,000 mm

Jointing conforms to DTU (PU glue)
Outdoor laminate possible (MUF glue)
CE mark

available species


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