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Ash treated wood deck boards

Ash treated wood deck boards

THT wood decking Coteparc®

High-Temperature Treatment makes it possible to use local species, such as ash for example. Once treated, it can be used to make decking board for exterior application. Its stability and durability enhanced by HTT make it a safe choice in case of exposure to severe weather, to the sun or in contact with soil humidity.

The product 

  • Wood Decking
  • High temperature-treated oak decking boards
  • Choice of smooth or grooved boards
  • Full stave boards
  • Local hardwood species
  • Boards cut to length
  • Straight cut
  • Traditional or invisible fixings

Associated products 

Wooden battens
Finishies and accessories


  • Ready to use
  • Evolution to a consistent grey shade
  • Resistance to insects and fungal agents
  • Superior durability
  • Greater dimensional stability
  • Material and treatment 100% natural
  • Accepts a finish
treated wood deck boards
THT wood decks
grooved ash decking boards
Decking - Grooved boards in THT Ash

Technical characteristics 

THT oak quality A/B:

Thickness 21 mm
Total width 100, 120 and 140 m
Lengths in full stave boards 800 - 1,200 - 1,600 - 2,000 and 2,400 mm

Ash decking THT

Ash is a local hardwood species that is treated at high temperatures for its technical, aesthetic and ecological advantages.

A resistant and durable range

THT ash decking boards are ash wood boards that have undergone a high temperature heat treatment (THT). This treatment makes the ash species durable and weather resistant. Ash is a hardwood often used for outdoor decking.

Aesthetically pleasing

Thermally heated ash decking boards have a beautiful colour and fine grain, making them aesthetically pleasing.  When stained in the mass, it tends to have a natural, even chocolate colour, similar to that of exotic woods. They are also easy to maintain. Over time, and if no finish is applied to the deck, the boards will take on a uniform grey colour.

The ashwood boards are available with a smooth or grooved finish.

available species


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