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Joinery of a Parisian flat

Joinery of a Parisian flat

Renovation of the joinery of a Parisian flat

A new prestigious reference for our partner Atulam. The renovation of this 250 m² Parisian flat required the replacement of 25 joineries.

The joinery designed by our partner ATULAM are highlighted in this beautiful project with the straight French windows named « Tradilou » with fanlights and small radiating timbers with louvered windows, Tradilou curved French windows with full arch radiating fixed frames, Estibelle octagonal windows with tilt and turn and false espagnolette in the bathroom!

The aim was the renovate theses atypical windows, including numerous Arched transom French windows in the immense rotunda.

Oak in the spotlight

In order to renovate while keeping the authenticity of this flat with character, wood is the perfect choice, known for its technical qualities, its robustness and its aesthetics.

The choice of oak gives the exterior façade and the interior a warm and noble appearance.

Our 3-ply glued laminated timber Profileo, Consisting of solid or finger jointed scantlings laminated to themselves, will ensure the stability of the material and reinforce its mechanical resistance as well as its resistance to heat.

The know-how of Atulam's teams and their manufacturing techniques then enable the design of quality products.

Tradition and modernity

With its traditional "Haussmanian" design, these windows are perfectly suited to the renovation of classified sites or prestigious houses, such as this place.

They help combine the aesthetics of old windows with the performance of contemporary joinery.

A 100% tailor-made solution for this prestigious address!


Carpenter : ATULAM (23)

Installer: Société CEM (75)

Product : glued-laminated scantlings Profileo

Photo credits : Jean-François Fanet

Article from Atulam’s website

Joinery of a Parisian flat
Joinery of a Parisian flat
Joinery of a Parisian flat
Joinery of a Parisian flat

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