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Clothing display racks – Lyon (69)

Clothing display racks
Lyon (69), France

Display racks for climbing clothing by the brand LOOKING FOR WILD®!

When used simply and creatively, wood can prove to be a major asset for interior fittings.

The proof was in the pudding for the brand Looking for Wild®, specialists in everyday climbing clothing, who were able to reflect their identity and values by creating display racks out of our oak selected boards.

The finished result conjures a powerful and sophisticated image, thanks to the raw boards that emphasise technicality, authenticity and freedom.
The raw boards go perfectly with the brand's products: respect for the environment, authenticity and freedom!
The natural durability of oak also accentuates the high-tech and high-performance nature of the clothing.

A brand that knows how to enhance style with efficiency.


Photo credits: LOOKING FOR WILD

Clothing display racks
Oak selected board
Clothing display racks
Clothing display racks

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