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Table design in Panoplot®

Table design in Panoplot®
Mâcon, France (71)

The combination of wood and steel for a customised table!

A brand-new house needs to be furnished and fitted to your taste and to reflect your fundamental aspirations. Each object carries meaning, whether it be sentimental or useful on a daily basis. But if you’re also a bit creative, or a handyman, you quickly become a designer by extension!

This home-owner tried their hand when customising their own dining-room table by combining basic but lasting materials: wood and steel.

The main plateau is a Panoplot® solid panel of Ducerf cabinet-making oak. It brings a natural and rough touch that counterbalances the new construction aspect of the house.

As for the table legs, 40s-style hairpin legs in steel were chosen from the company RIPATON®. A sound choice as they are refined and sturdy.

The combination of the two makes for a designer table, very contemporary yet practical at the same time.


Project management: private – Macôn, France (71)

Panoplot® solid panel in cabinet-making oak
Planed, sanded on all 4 sides, colourless finish
Dimensions: 1,800 mm length x 950 mm width x 40 mm thickness

Hairpin table legs in steel RIPATON®


Photo credits: Ducerf Group

Table design in Panoplot®
Table design in Panoplot®
Table design in Panoplot®
Panneau massif Panoplot

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