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The Ablon domain

The Ablon domain
Normandy, France

Discover the Ablon estate

A Norman estate located near Honfleur, this atypical site offers its visitors the attentions of a luxury hotel in the comfort of a prestigious family home for a stay or a weekend.

The Domaine d'Ablon project is the fulfilment of a dream and the achievement of Véronique and Christophe Delaune, the owners of the property. They started the adventure in 2012, from a thatched cottage that had been bought on a whim to become a second home.

The project began with the renovation of a small 18th century cottage. At the end of September 2015, the first suites of Domaine d'Ablon were opened. Renovation work will continue from 2018 to open "Le Petit Manoir", a new luxurious extension offering suites inspired by the architectural lines of 3 generations from the 16th to the 18th century.

As if to bring history back to life, Christophe wants to create an entire hamlet where each suite has its own architectural identity. A site that retranscribes, over the generations, the different characteristics of traditional Norman houses, such as half-timbering and thatched roofs for example.

To carry out this large-scale project, the couple surrounded themselves with the best local craftsmen who built the various buildings according to traditional know-how using raw materials from the region.

The construction of the "Petit Manoir" with custom-made wooden frames in the traditional Norman style

In order to complete this project, it was imperative to respect the Norman tradition by installing custom-made wooden joinery. These are produced from our solid oak scantlings.

The French manufacturer Atulam (through the company Frank Ortelli), which specialises in the manufacture and installation of traditional carpentry, will use its traditional know-how for this project.

In order to renovate while keeping the authenticity of this flat with character, the choice of the “Tradilou” prestige range in wood, this noble and warm material, allowed the inimitable charm of the old.

Here the owners have chosen a white paint finish for the joinery, which harmonises perfectly with the other materials, the brick and thatch typical of the houses in this region. The windows are made up of small wood panes which reproduce the traditional Norman small panes.


The advantages of oak windows

In order to renovate while keeping the authenticity of this character flat, the choice of wood is ideal, recognized for its technical qualities, its robustness and its aesthetic.

The choice of oak gives the façade and the interior a warm and noble appearance.

Wood will add style to the facade but also to the interior of the living spaces. It is an ideal choice for the renovation of places with character, but also for high traffic areas that require the use of high-quality materials!

Our 3-ply glued laminated scantlings, designed by gluing 3 solid or finger-jointed wood layers, will ensure the stability of the material and reinforce its mechanical resistance as well as its resistance to heat.  Made of French oak, they will meet many expectations in terms of durability, functionality and elegance and therefore allow professionals to design joinery that combines creativity and performance.

The result? A place of incredible charm where past and present, but also tradition and modernity, become one.


Project owner: Véronique and Christophe Delaune

Ducerf products : Oak scantlings Profileo Range

Carpenter : ATULAM

Photo: Camille Pichard

The Ablon domain
The Ablon domain
The Ablon domain
The Ablon domain

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